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January 2023

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions govern, in additions to the General Terms and Conditions published at http://www.domainster.com/terms, all transactions and interactions of you, the user, with our websites and/or applications (apps). By using this website and/or apps, you agree to be bound by all our terms and conditions, as well as any changes we may make going forward.

Auction Process. By participating in an online auction, you are placing an expression of interest that we may consider as a purchase offer to us directly (in case a domain name is owned by us) or as an offer for us to relay to the owner of the domain, with Domaister being appointed an exclusive or non-exclusive broker for the sale of a domain name.

Binding Effect of Your Offer. Your offer becomes an binding, irrevocable and offer as soon as you provide a guarantee for performance in the form of a credit card authorization. We may, at our sole discretion, require you to provide further documentation, including but not limited proof that you are actually the person that is identical with the account holder of the credit card.

Identification using Mini-Deposits. For the purpose of establishing that it is actually you who owns a bank account used in any transactions or interactions with us, we may make several deposits of amounts less than $1.00 which you agree to report to us as a method of verification. You warrant and represent that you will only perform one of such verifications within a 12 months period, and only for one bank account.

Default by Bidder/Buyer. If you are confirmed as the highest bidder, you authorize us to charge the credit card that you provided to us, and we may at our discretion charge the full or only a partial amount to the credit card provided and require for the balance to be transferred to our bank account within 10 calendar days. If you fail to make payment, or if your credit card payment fails to clear or is not confirmed in a way acceptable to us, we are at liberty to cancel the transaction and retain any partial payments made by you as liquidated damages.

Representations and Warranties. Domainster makes no representations or warranties whatsoever as to the ownership of the domain name, its suitability, the legal framework that under which the domain name can be used, and the actual chain of custody of the domain name. It is your responsibility to verify at the time of purchase whether any fees to registrars are outstanding, or if any legal actions are pending that would prevent the transfer of the domain name.

True Identity. You must register your name and any personal data we ask on forms for registrations etc., and you represent and warrant that the name you are stating and/or additional personal information such as postal addresses, locations, telephone numbers, email addresses etc. are those of you.

Governing Law and Legal Venue. This agreement and any relationship between you and us are governed by the laws of the State of New York, and you irrevocably agree that any disputes stemming from or resulting from this agreement or any interaction you have with us shall be resolved through arbitration facilitated by the New York International Arbitration Center (http://www.nyiac.org).

Legal Notices. All legal notices to us have to be in writing, and sent to us with a copy to our legal counsel:

Morton & Associates LLLP
246 West Broadway
New York NY 10013

Important notes
  • The domain "hatamo.com" will be sold through auction to the highest bidder
  • At present, it is not possible to place a bid because a reserve price has not been set
  • You can leave your email address (below) and we will notify you when the auction is open for bidding.
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