How It Works

Securing your dream domain is straightforward with these five simple steps

Search for a domain

Owning a domain with us is a piece of cake. All you need to do is hop on our website. Type the related keywords in the search bar and have fun picking the best one. Domainster specializes in unique, catchy, and brandable domain names. We add magic to your brands.


Domain details

For domain details, simply click on your preferred one. Just a click will give you all that you want to know. Everything from the description, exciting features, aesthetic imagery, and affordable pricing will pop up right before you.

Enrolling in an auction

Found a captivating domain that ignites your imagination? Don't let it slip away! Enroll in the auction by leaving your email address. We’ll notify you as the auction date approaches and once the price range is set.


Bidding process

As the auction date nears, you'll receive an email with the pricing details and the option to place your bid. If your bid meets our criteria, we will request a proof of funds to ensure serious inquiries only. This step helps us avoid requests from buyers without adequate funds.

Domain transfer

Once your proof of funds is verified and the bid is accepted, our team will coordinate with you to discuss payment and transfer details. We’ll provide detailed instructions to help you transfer the domain to your preferred registrar, ensuring a smooth and secure process.

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